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"I am writing this letter to extend my warm thanks and appreciation towards you, Victoria and Tim Howard, and the team at Aubrey Early Learning Center for providing such a phenomenal child care service. I am writing this letter in lieu of meeting with the ERO review officers due to work commitments.

Aubrey ELC truly is one of a kind. It is so comforting, as a parent, to see that our boys, Aidan and Connor, are enjoying going to kindy (and sometimes don’t want to leave) because they enjoy the friendly and educative atmosphere there. Thanks to you and the team at Aubrey ELC.

Aidan and Connor have made such good friends and simply adore their teachers! The Teina cottage teachers, Sarah, Olivia and Hannah have such a fun and creative approach to learning and development through imaginative play. The walls and surrounds are fantastic works of art with the children represented in all sorts of learning journeys. It is engaging, inspiring and uplifting and I have witnessed a remarkable growth in Connor’s speech and language development.

The Tuakana room teachers, Nicky, Tracey, Alex, Yolandi and Abbie, led by you, Linda, have a firm focus on child-directed learning through play whilst taking each child’s personality and character in consideration. The teachers in the Tuakana room have helped bring Aidan out of his shell. I enjoy walking into the Tuakana room to hear music playing, either Alex on strings or songs with Tracey on the mat, and children dancing to the beat. Aidan also enjoys teacher Nicky’s arts & crafts. There is so much to do, enjoy and explore in the Tuakana room. Linda, you have been instrumental in Aidan’s development and I can’t count the times you have dropped everything, to sit with Aidan and help him with transitions, such as dropoffs.

My introverted boy who was always happiest at home now has a best friend he met at Aubrey.

My boys also enjoy the farm animals, they have grown to love and take a great interest in.

I am extremely thankful to all the teachers at Aubreys for taking such good care of my boys. The beautiful learning stories I receive, which are always done with such love and care and attention to detail, as well as the regular updates from the teachers at Aubreys, ensure that I feel confident in the overall development and wellbeing of my children, whilst in the care of Aubrey.

I recognise and appreciate your dedication and commitment towards providing a unique rural environment wherein our children can learn through play and develop an understanding and appreciation for animals, nature and each other. We are blessed, to have such an impeccable, forward focused, early learning centre in our community."


"We have loved Aubrey for both our children and can’t tell you enough how amazing the place is! All the teachers are so loving and nurturing, our kids really made some strong connections. We will miss driving up your beautiful tree lined driveway and saying “good morning” to all the animals. Such a stunning place for little ones to learn and grow."


"Like most working parents putting our daughter into care was not something we wanted to do, rather something we had to do. We had a huge list of what we wanted from the centre we chose (caring environment, longevity of staff, individualised and varied curriculum, good ERO reviews and so on) we visited 10 centres throughout the Hibiscus Coast and East Coast Bays areas before deciding to send her to Aubrey. Aubrey ticked all the boxes and stood well above all of the other centres we visited.

Four months on we are thrilled that we chose Aubrey. Our daughter loves all of the staff and we walk away each day when we drop her off knowing that she will be well cared for, loved and encouraged to learn. What more could you ask for?"


"Soon we are moving into the area and I did some google research about childcares in Silverdale, Stillwater and Orewa and Aubrey was on the top of my list. I love your philosophy and environment. I was very happy to hear that you will have a place for my daughter when we move into the area."


"It is quite strange writing this email and that this is our last baby to move on to School.  A huge thank you to yourself, Tim and all the Aubrey Crew for setting the (much needed) childcare center up in Stillwater 8 years ago and for continually running a fun & fantastic place for the kids to go."


"Just wanted to write and say that we are loving Aubrey and it has been so incredible for us first time parents to leave our son, Levi, with you and feel so comfortable with knowing he will be cared for. Thank you!!!!! The team in the under 2 room are so amazing - thoughtful, responsive, helpful, reassuring and super friendly.  He is coming home so happy and we feel so lucky that we are with you guys."

Bex & Johnny

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you do for Molly (15 months old) and for us. I love getting all the updates on how she is doing and what she gets up to. We also love getting all the paintings and Mother's Day card and little pieces of art she has done. The teachers are amazing and we can see the wonderful work they do every day by all the new things Molly does when she gets home. We have absolutely chosen the best place for her to be and although it saddens me that I can't spend that time with her, I am overjoyed by the great place where she spends her days. Thank you all for being so amazing!"


"I have been extremely impressed with Aubrey since Lexy started there as a crawling has been her home away from home and she has loved every day! I would like to thank all the fabulous staff at Aubrey for being the most amazing people in taking care of my precious girl. She has grown so much, learnt numerous new things every day, made lots of friends and developed much of her personality from Aubrey...I'm sure she will never forget it!"


"Thank you so much for having Katie as part of your 'family' for the last two years. We have been blessed by the love you have shown her and the way you have shaped her little personality. It has been great to hear her come home singing songs etc, and we know so much learning has taken place during her time with you. Never underestimate the huge impact you have on each child. You are very much appreciated and we will miss you all."


“When I was looking for a day care for my toddler, I visited all the centres in the area and I choose Aubrey because of the outside space and the people….I also love the animals you have around the centre, as this is one of things I was looking for in a centre…..everyone at Aubrey is lovely and so helpful….you have some wonderful, experienced and caring staff. The children say it all with the big smiles and laughter”.


“We are thrilled with the progress our boys have and are making with you all. Our eldest was quite a challenge for a while but with everyone’s help and patience he has turned a corner and stepped up to being the great boy we knew he really was. Aubrey is a wonderful centre with teachers that show a genuine love for all the kids and their jobs. The rural setting enhances learning for all (Mums included). We are proud to send our boys to Aubrey and would happily recommend the centre to anyone wanting an outdoorsy, loving, welcoming and encouraging centre for their children".


“This has been a very valuable experience for my sons. They came to NZ from Japan and attended Aubrey ELC for 4 weeks. Though it is very short, they made many new friends and learnt lots of things. I want to thank the teachers for their kindness and care. We will miss the blossoming smiles of all our friends and hope we can come back and see you soon, thank you very much”.

Josh and Masaya’s mother.

"When I first brought Freya to Aubrey I was apprehensive as both of my 2 elder daughters liked going to Kindergarten about as much as having a root canal with no painkillers. However it was apparent from the first day that Aubrey would be different as Freya liked the open spaces and relaxed nature of the teachers at Aubrey.

Freya has grown at Aubrey and has made some very good friends and now she is ready for school, she will be sad to leave the caring fun environment. I believe that there are 2 key aspects to Freya enjoying Aubrey. Firstly the emphasis on nature with the kindy set on a farm, the kids are able to discover how things work in a real environment. Freya enjoys going on farm walks and sliding into the muddy streams or feeding the various animals. Learning about nature by being part of nature is not possible for most kids today so it was great that she was able to do this.

However the number one reason Freya was so happy at kindy was the environment created by the teachers and caregivers at Aubrey. Freya loved being able to help prepare food for meal times. These skills are important to learn but mostly it is fun. In particular when they cooked and ate cicadas. (Who does that!!!)

Freya also talks fondly about "Donkey mat time" where she learns to write letters and numbers to prepare her for school and the years ahead.

Freya has a special place for all the teachers at Aubrey as you have all contributed to creating a wonderful environment for little people. In fact last Saturday Freya was disappointed that she had to spend the day with her family as she wanted to go to kindy.

I wish everyone at Aubrey all the best and please continue to do what you have been doing as you are making a positive impact on the lives and thoughts of the children that attend Aubrey ELC."

Freya's Mum and Dad.