Our Teaching Philosophy

At Aubrey Early Learning Centre we see the image of the child as capable and confident learners. We believe that children learn best through child initiated play. The teacher’s role is to provide the environment and resources to support and sustain individual learning and development. Teacher’s facilitate and work alongside children to support and extend their current level of play and interest. We support our children’s learning and development through incorporating key aspects of the Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki.

We foster the concept that learning should be fun and we encourage and support children to contribute and participate in fun learning activities. We believe in providing equitable learning opportunities to all children irrespective of age, ability, gender, ethnicity or economical background.

We believe both the indoor and outdoor environment is a major component of inspiring and encouraging children to learn. The unique rural setting allows us to teach children the importance of respect, respect for the environment, the animals who live in it and people who take care of it.

We embrace the Treaty of Waitangi by providing a bicultural environment where we encourage all children to work with and alongside each other, regardless of ethnicity or culture. We work in partnership with parents, children and whanau to create a ‘community of learners’. All aspects and perspectives of a child’s learning are important for them to grow and develop holistically.

The teaching team at Aubrey understands that early childhood teaching is a constantly changing environment and we are committed to continually reflecting on how we are teaching, what we are teaching and what our children are learning. As teachers we recognize that we are also life long learners and accordingly we learn and incorporate new teaching and learning strategies as they become available through professional development.

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