Aubrey Early Learning Centre is situated on 5 acres of rolling farmland, 2 minutes drive from Silverdale. Situated off Spur Rd next to the Riding for the Disabled, Aubrey is a quiet haven for the children in a beautiful rural setting, yet so close to main arterial routes and nearby Stillwater.

In addition to the full curriculum offered the children have the opportunity to explore their wider environment. Aubrey has several friendly farm animals on site, and the teachers encourage the children to interact with the animals through fun tasks such as collecting the hen’s eggs and feeding the donkeys and goats. Walks in the paddocks and to the pine trees, and the orchard are a great opportunity to develop their gross motor skills and develop their imaginative and explorative sides.

In addition to the sandpit, gazebos and climbing equipment in the centre’s outdoor grass area, the children also have an additional concrete area for their bikes, trolleys and scooters. The large area has ramps and paths, which the children and teachers have decorated with their own mosaic tile creations. From this play area the children can often observe our farmer, or Tractor Tim as he is referred to, tending to the farm and animals. Of course, the children love to lend a hand when they are able to.

Our young orchard, provides the centre with our own seasonal organic fresh fruit and a lovely picnic area for morning tea or lunch.

The indoor and outdoor environment at Aubrey is constantly evolving – it is a ‘living’ centre, which provides children with a truly unique early childhood experience. Our children are independent, curious, confident, caring and competent. When they leave for school Aubrey children are prepared and ready to embark on their next learning journey.

In 2017 we are proud and happy to introduce the ‘Aubrey Cottage’, as a new part of Aubrey ELC. The cottage has been purpose built to be a part of, yet separate from Aubrey ELC. The cottage will cater for infants and toddlers will small numbers in this area and 3 to 4 dedicated qualified caregivers. The children will have 2 outdoor areas to use, as well as opportunities to engage with animals and participate in farm activities. The cottage really is the best of both worlds- a home away from home, and a well-resourced centre with a qualified teaching team providing an optimal learning and nurturing environment.

With the younger children relocating to the cottage area, Aubrey ELC now has an area to utilise for the “Donkey” children (4 year olds) for more complex and project based activities and mat times.

This further enhances their readiness for school and related learning experiences.

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