At AELC every aspect of the children's personality & development are considered, as we teach the children based on the NZ early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki, which guides us in empowering the children to become enthusiastic lifelong learners. Our teaching is based around the children's own interests and strengths.

The four principles of Te Whāriki which underpin our programme are;

1. Holistic Development

We foster the holistic way children learn & grow through...

- Warm consistent relationships between children, staff & family / whanau.

- Teachers who role model & demonstrate to children how to use the equipment & resources appropriately. We provide a safe, yet exploratory environment.

- Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning environment.

2. Relationships

Children learn through responsive & reciprocal relationships with people, place & things...

- We believe children learn lifelong skills through positive relationships.

- We foster the extension of children's idea and actions.

3. Family & Community

The wider world of family & community is an integral part of our early childhood centre.

- We foster communication with family / whanau on a daily basis & support all cultural backgrounds.

- A variety of formal & informal observations is completed for each child. They have individual portfolios, recording their learning & development.

4. Empowerment

At AELC we empower children to learn and grow...

- By providing a variety of resources which enable children to extend their ideas & social interactions.

- Our environment is rich in creativity to give your child the opportunity to experience & experiment.

- Our 4 year old extension programme prepares your child for school.